Friday, January 25, 2013

2013: The Year of Museums in Germany

Photo Courtesy of Germany.Travel
With over 6,000 museums to choose from, Germany offers a wide variety of exhibits to visit in 2013. From history over art all the way to technology, there is surely something that will stimulate any museum-goer's interest. 
Unusual exhibits in 2013 include one at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, where visitors can explore outer space or walk through a model of a human cell. 
The famous Museum Island in Berlin not only boasts treasures from six thousand years of human history, but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  
Also in Berlin is a museum of the less classic type, the Museum of Bizarre Objects, which exhibits exotic, funny and unusual subjects. And what would Germany be without a Bratwurst Museum, located in Holzhausen in Thuringia?

Major exhibits in 2013 include:

"Shoes, shoes, shoes" at the Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, Saxony
This exhibit will feature one hundred pair of unusual shoe designs, including creations made from fabric, leather, ceramic, wood, glass, and paper. Also on display are heels made from pistols, scrubbing brush sandals and shark pumps.

Works by Henry van de Velde at the New Museum in Weimar
Devoted to the life of the architect and designer, the exhibit is centered around the Belgian artist's contribution to European Modernism from 1890 to 1930. 

Works by Yoko Ono at the Schirn gallery in Frankfurt
In celebration of this year's 80th birthday of John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, the Shirn gallery explores key themes associated with the artist. These include her efforts for world peace and a selection of works from the last 60 years.